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STB Web Services Charlotte, NC Pittsburgh, PA Web Design Services

Web Design

We work with each of our clients to get the best understanding of what you want to get out of your website. As such we offer a couple different levels of web design services.

Standard Design

Our standard design service is a great place to start. Our standard design is not a cookie cutter template service, we custom design the site specifically for your company... read more>>

Premium Design

Our Premium design services is a chance to take your site to the next level. Utilizing our professional graphics designers and developers giving you the best possible presence on the web... read more>>

STB Web Services Charlotte, NC Pittsburgh, PA Web Development Services

Web Development

Whether you are looking for some simple customizations to your website that you just can't find or if you are looking for a full blown database driven custom application, we can deliver... read more>>

STB Web Services Charlotte, NC Pittsburgh, PA Web Application Services

Web Applications

Small businesses are always looking for ways to improve efficiencies, maximize their time, and provide better service to their customers all while reducing their own costs. STB Web Services can help you determine the best tools for your business requirements always keeping costs in mind.

We have experience implementing many web based business applications such as Customer Resource Management, e-Commerce, Newsletters, Live Website Support, Photo Gallery, and a host of others... read more>>

STB Web Services Charlotte, NC Pittsburgh, PA Web Hosting Services

Web Hosting

At STB we are concerned about the environment. That is why all of our servers are powered by 130% wind energy! What does 130% mean? Well, we're proud to say that we generate more electricity than we can use and contribute our additional power to the local utilities... read more>>

STB Web Services Charlotte, NC Pittsburgh, PA SEO Services

Search Engine Optimization (SEO)

Did you know that search engines prefer one type of site over another? It's true, and we can help analyze and modify existing sites or build you a new site that will improve your visibility on the major search engines.... Contact Us to Find Out More!>>

Search Engine Marketing (SEM)

Are you spending massive amounts on marketing with mixed results? We can help you place ads on search engines and other websites directly related to your target market. That means that you are only paying for the people interested in your product... Contact Us to Find Out More!>>


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