Welcome GSI!

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We are proud to announce the newly updated and redesigned GSI website!  This website had a major upgrade and design from the ground up.  This new website boasts a rich feature set with many of these features available directly on the home page.  These features include independent slide shows on many of the interior pages as well as the home page allowing customized slides based on the content of the page.  Another feature of this website is a fully integrated document management system and user management system.  Documents can be added into multiple categories and presented to the visitors of the site.  If the visitor would like to access these documents, they are required to log in or create an account if they are not currently a member.  Included in this document management system is the ability to present video content as well.  Videos are presented and viewed directly on the website so the visitor is not required to leave the website.  This website also contains a fully featured testimonials system.  Visitors can view the most recent testimonials directly from the home page as well as submit their own from the testimonials page.

From a design standpoint, the old website has had a major overhaul.  The new design includes many new areas for content such as a latest news ticker, recent testimonials, recently uploaded documents, as well as a slideshow all on the home page.  The interior provides a consistent look and feel throughout the site creating a very easy to use and intuitive layout.

Again...Welcome GSI!

Last Updated (Friday, 13 September 2013 14:55)