Welcome CFA-Florida!

Charlotte Custom Website and Hosting

We would like to welcome the CFA Florida Chapter to the STB Family!  This CFA chapter saw the CFA-Carolinas Chapter's new website and contacted STB Web Services to provide the same functionality!  This CFA chose to keep their existing design but needed more functionality to help manage their members and chapter events.  STB Web Services developed a custom Joomla! website which includes many features that allow the CFA Florida Chapter to operate more efficiently and effectively.  To manage their members, STB Web Services implemented an online registration system.  This allows for new members to easily sign up online by filling out a simple registration form.  They are also able to pay their registration fees directly through the site with PayPal integration.  Existing members are also able to renew their memberships directly online as well as many other features.  Existing members are able to log in to the site, manage their profile such as uploading images, personal status messages and even connect with other members all within the CFA Florida website!

CFA Florida also needed help with managing upcoming events just as the CFA Carolinas Chapter.  Along with the Carolinas Chapter, their current process was very manual and involved attendees filling out and faxing paper forms as well as mailing in a check for the event fees.  To help improve this process, STB Web Services implemented a fully featured event management system.  With this system, members and non members are able to view upcoming events, read details about each event and even register for the event online!  The event system also provides many other features including discount coupon codes, multiple prices, additional packages, and even a sponsor management area.  This event system is also integrated with PayPal to allow attendees to pay all fees directly online!

Adding these features to their new website has improved event registrations and has simplified the membership and event management processes!  Again, welcome CFA-Florida Chapter to the STB Family!

Last Updated (Friday, 13 September 2013 14:52)