What to Do When Your Computer Is Slower Than Usual

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Has your computer all of the sudden gotten slow and unreliable?  It used to be really fast and worked great, but now it feels slow and bogged down?  Don’t worry!  Just follow these 3 easy tips and speed up your computer back to its glory days!

See if it is really your system’s fault

If videos on YouTube are taking forever to buffer, or you’re trying to download a game, and it is taking ages, it may not be your system’s fault.  Check your connection, your internet may be the problem here, and you can’t blame your system on it.  “Speedtest.net” is going to be your best friend.  Run a speed test with the site given and see what your upload and download speeds are.  They should be at least 50 percent of your internet providers advertised speed, and a good ping under 100 milliseconds.

Check to see if you have a virus

Most often than not a virus is the main culprit in slowing down your computer.  If you think that may be the problem, just run a quick computer scan with your antivirus software.  If any viruses do come up, get rid of them, and see if the removal of the viruses helped.      

See if your hard drive has plenty of free space

Check to see if your hard drive has enough space, or isn’t too cluttered.  Just go to “computer” and see how much space you have left on your local drive, if the bar next to it is red, it may be a bit cluttered, and could be slowing your computer down.  Remove some unnecessary files, or anything that you or your computer doesn’t need.  Windows needs to have space to create files while your computer is running, and if it doesn’t have space, it will need to make space, which is the reason it would be slowing down.  By removing the unneeded files, you should have your computer sped up a bit.

Last Updated (Friday, 10 January 2014 16:08)