Flash Websites Look Great But...

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You've all seen them, and some of you probably have them. It's those flashy websites that have those fancy intro pages followed by everything "falling" into place. They appear very fluid and seems like everything on the page is "alive". These sites are most common with photography as well as other small businesses looking to get their presence established on the web. They are usually created through an automated online tool that lets you build it as you go. You choose from a list of templates, customize it with your content and away you go! These sites usually look very nice and professional and can be inexpensive. As with most things…there's always a catch.

Before you take that step into cyberspace by standing up your first website, you need to step back and ask yourself some key questions about the purpose of your website. Questions such as: "Do I want to be found by the popular search engines, like Google, Bing, and Yahoo?" "What happens if I have an issue with my site?" "Do I want users to be able to view my site on mobile devices?" These are all simple questions that will help you down the road to getting the most from your website investment.

Now, back to these flashy sites…

The Catch: With these types of sites, there are some trade-offs. The first caveat with these sites is that the big search engines don't like them. All of that text that you've spent hours on creating, tweaking, revising is not visible to the search engines. This will directly affect your website being found on Google and other search engines. The other big catch is that any "Flash" content on your site will not be visible from iPods, iPads, and any other Apple mobile product as they do not support the Flash player. This will seriously limit your visitor base and will most likely frustrate the many mobile visitors that my want to view your site.

So what do I do now???

Work with a web services company to assess your needs and develop a website that not only looks great, but is functional, easy to use and can get your message out to the largest audience possible. There are many other options to get that "flashy" feel to a site without using the actual "Flash" technology and most experienced web designers and developers can help you accomplish this.

Last Updated (Friday, 13 September 2013 14:58)