Welcome Huntersville United Methodist Church!

Charlotte Church Website, Design, and Hosting


We are pleased to announce the go-live of the new HUMConline.org website! We worked closely with the dedicated staff of HUMC to design and develop this great looking site!

The design and layout was custom created by our graphic design partner Southern Ingenuity which provided a very well-rounded site with great flow and ease of use. It also features some very sophisticated functionality including: an Event Calendar with mulitple categories option, an automated newsletter feature which allows visitors to subscribe to multiple newsletters offered, live streaming video of sermons as well as full services, an automated slideshow featured on the front page, online forms enabling visitors to sign up for various activities and allowing administrators to be notified and view registration information, and more!

In addition to the great design and robust functionality, this website is very user friendly to manage and update. All features are managed by menu driven, point and click interfaces which make updating the content very easy and intuitive.

Again, welcome HUMC.

Last Updated (Friday, 13 September 2013 14:58)