How to Know When Your Website Has a Virus?

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How do you know if your site is infected?

Well a sure fire sign is if your site is displaying a warning like "Reported Attack Site" or maybe even "This site could harm your computer." Any warnings like this shows that Google had detected something that could be harming visitors to your website, and could have even been altered without you knowing. You want to become aware of any "badware" that your webite might have.

Here are some other indications to show that your website has any "badware". When a visitor sees a warning sign on their browser that your website could be harmful to their computer. If you google your site, and you see strange search engine results for your site. If you notice any permissions or even files being altered your website could be infected. If you get emails from Google or your web hosting provider telling you that your website has malware.

How did the virus infect my site?

There are many ways that your website could have been infected. A lot of sites get hacked into through outdated plugins or stolen passwords. If you update your website with an infected computer than that is also a way that websites can get infected. There are also bad ads that can run on your site that could also potentially infect your website, but those are rare, ad companies really try to look after bad ads, and not add them.
Overall, if you see any of these problems in your website, you should take down your site until you can fix the problem. In the next post will talk about getting rid of those pesky viruses on your site.

Where to go for help

If you need assistance or are unsure where to start, STB Web Services also provides virus clean up services as well as maintenance plans to keep your site up to date.  Contact us for a free quote!

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